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18th Aug 2018

Viral Messi video is so absurdly good people are calling it out as being fake


Messi, am I right?

There’s not much more that can be written about Messi – the master of Camp Nou, the perpetual schoolboy, the human sand-timer slowly running out. At his best, there seems nothing he cannot do on the football pitch, yet people continue to question his status as the GOAT.

The latest controversy involving the Barcelona star involves a viral video filmed for Adidas. In the video, he does a few keepie-uppies, before casually the ball from one side of the pitch to the other and straight through a reporter’s legs.

Watch it here:

It’s yet another example of Lionel’s mesmerising talents. And, on the whole, the clip has received the reaction it deserves on social media.

However, a few have claimed it is simply the work of clever editing rather than, y’know, the greatest footballer of his generation doing what he does.

Given what he has achieved on the football pitch, I think it’s fair enough to trust.