Viewers react to "ridiculous" question aimed at Alan Pardew 1 year ago

Viewers react to "ridiculous" question aimed at Alan Pardew

Guilty or not, it's very unlikely that the ongoing investigation rushed through Jay Rodriguez's head before shooting on Monday night.

Rodriguez rushed a shot at goal during West Brom's 3-0 defeat to Chelsea, having replaced the injured Daniel Sturridge early on in the game.

Rodriguez has been charged by the FA for alleged racial abuse towards Brighton's Gaetan Bong during the sides' Premier League meeting last month.

Rodriguez vehemently denies the claims and he has been backed by manager Alan Pardew while due process takes place.

The forward has continued to be named in Baggies squads and has scored three goals in his last five games, which would suggest that he is able to distance his performances from the situation he is dealing with off the pitch.

And it was clear that Pardew did not appreciate the line of questioning he faced after watching his side fall to a crushing defeat at Stamford Bridge on Monday night.

Reporter: "It seemed like an odd decision to take it [the chance] so early. Do you think that's got anything to do with what's going on for him off the field, without going in to many details particularly?"

Pardew: "I think that's a really... not a very nice question at all if I'm honest. I don't think it's got anything to do with it if I'm honest. It's just confidence to take an extra touch and take it nearer the goal. But I don't think it's anything to do with that at all and I don't know where you're getting that judgement from. I'm sorry."

Reporter: "I just wondered if the decision-making is affected at all by having a lot going on off the pitch. I don't mean anything untoward about it."

Pardew: "I don't think so. He probably thought the goalie might not have been set and to take it early was the best option. But in hindsight, he should take a touch in there and bury it. But I can't imagine it's anything to do with that, I'm sorry."

Viewers universally condemned the question, with Pardew earning plenty of admiration for the way that he dealt with it and remained focused on letting the investigation take place.