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10th Jan 2016

VIDEO: The Simpsons’ ’80s-themed couch gag is one of their best yet

Conor Heneghan

Die-hard fans of the show will say that one of the many signs of the decline of The Simpsons was when they started putting more effort into couch gags at the start of episodes.

The episodes that followed said intros might not have been as good as the golden era, but there have been some memorable ones; the parody of The Sopranos, for example, is one that stands out.

The most recent effort can certainly stand up there with the best of them.

Animated by Steve Cutts, the 1980s throwback features an extremely ripped Homer, a heavily-tattooed Flanders and recalls plenty of action-packed shows from the era, such as Miami Vice.

It even includes an excellent Max Power reference too.

Clip via Animation Domination


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