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23rd Dec 2015

Video technology in the Premier League could be closer than we think

Help for referees

The English FA are seriously contemplating leading the way on video technology.

It may have seemed like outrageous offside decisions, stolen penalties and incorrect red cards were never going to be dealt with, but it seems like there is now an appetite for change in the corridors of power.

Hallelujah, say football fans everywhere.

According to the Daily Mail the Football Association sent questionnaires to the Premier League, Football League, Professional Footballers Association and League Managers Association, before they were forwarded to Premier League clubs on 18th December.

The questionnaire could be a start of a process that sees the English leagues used to trial new video technology that could help referees rule on everything from red cards to violent conduct to offsides, goals and penalty kicks.

Some traditionalists may baulk at the idea, but most football fans will be delighted at the prospect of anything that helps remove human error from the equation.


Respondents are asked to return their surveys by early January so the FA can draw up a plan before the Annual General Meeting of the International Football Association Board in March.

The questionnaires inquire as to what offences should be included in any video review system, how long is appropriate to allow for decisions to be made and who should have the final say on matters, the referee or a separate video official.

Goal-line technology has been a success since being introduced at the start of the 2013-14 Premier League season and it now looks like the use of technology may be extended.