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16th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Puskas contender with Roberto Carlos levels of swerve served up in Malaysia

You'd need two 'keepers

Darragh Murphy

The word unsaveable is thrown around far too often.

But there’s no other way to describe this piece of magic that occurred in Malaysia that will be giving all goalkeepers nightmares.

The laws of physics as you know them were defied by this belter of a free kick that looked, for all the world, to be arcing straight into the top left corner of the goal before the ball got a phonecall to take a detour, swung a sharp right and ended up in the opposite corner.

Faiz Subri was the sorcerer who came up with the strike that looks so crazy that it’s hard to believe it actually took place.

But it did. And an early contender for the Puskas Award was born.