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02nd Apr 2015

Video: P*ssed off Brazilian player sent off for flipping the bird at his own fans

That'll show 'em

Conor Heneghan

Not a single f**k was given by Fabricio on this day.

Being constantly abused by opposition fans in the stands must be hard for footballers to take, never mind having to put up with guff from supporters of your own team.

Internacional player Fabricio didn’t like the way he was being treated by the home fans during their victory over Ypiranga last night, prompting him to react like Michael Douglas in Falling Down and give it back to them with both barrels.

Fabricio was immediately dismissed for his actions and while you’d assume by his hysterical reaction that he regretted it, part of us thinks that he drew a certain amount of satisfaction from it all the same.

We wouldn’t have liked to be alone with him in the dressing room afterwards, mind.