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05th Dec 2018

Fight fans hit back at video shared by Deontay Wilder after Tyson Fury draw

Wilder is still annoyed about the referee's count in the 12th round

Darragh Murphy

Deontay Wilder believes he has proof that Tyson Fury was given unfair recovery time in the final round of Saturday night’s WBC heavyweight title fight

Tyson Fury climbed off the canvas after a brutal knockdown with just two minutes left in the main event and Deontay Wilder remains adamant that referee Jack Reiss hesitated with his count, giving ‘The Gypsy King’ more time than he should have.

“I don’t want to take nothing away from the fight but like I said, I’ve got a few questions that I ask myself that are circulating around, about the count,” Wilder said in his post-fight press conference.

“I saw my man Joe Hanks [against Joe Joyce] and they got to him quick. He hit the ground and they started counting.

“But Fury was laid out and it was like they hesitated a little bit or whatever.”

Three days on from the split draw which has caused much debate in the boxing world, Wilder shared footage of the knockdown alongside a timer which, according to him, shows that Fury was given more than 10 seconds to gather his wits.

Wilder’s mentions have since been inundated with criticism, with fans pointing out inconsistencies in his theory and reminding ‘The Bronze Bomber’ of the consensus that Fury deserved the victory.