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31st Mar 2015

Video: If Kung-Fu rugby is the future, then it’s going to be great

Crouch, touch, what?

Easily as entertaining as the final day of the Six Nations.

The HSBC Rugby Sevens are on in Hong Kong at the moment and we’ve seen nothing to persuade us not to make it our mission to go there next year.

From Irish legend Brian O’Driscoll crowdsurfing to a Kim Jong Un-lookalike living it up in the crowd, it looks like a right laugh.

Then there’s the concept of kung-fu rugby, which we’ve never seen before but would sure like to see again.

There’s very little we can do to explain what’s going on in the video above so we’ll let you bask in it for yourself, but we will say watch out for the rocket-fuelled conversion about 26 seconds in.