Video has fans convinced that Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley was 'rigged' 8 months ago

Video has fans convinced that Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley was 'rigged'

Jake Paul has defeated Tyron Woodley by a split decision and remains undefeated

Tyron Woodley has been handed his first loss in his first ever pro boxing match, and Jake Paul's burgeoning boxing career looks set to continue, but some fans are convinced not all was what it seemed in last night's bout.


Woodley proved to be Paul's biggest test yet, as he inflicted the most damage on the YouTube star. A better striker than any of Jake Paul's three previous opponents, Woodley even sent Paul crashing into the ropes with a stiff right in the fourth round.


The punch caught Paul off guard and he fell into the ropes, and fans were quick to point out that Woodley should've ended the fight right there with some punishing attacks.

But he didn't, he stood there while Paul regained his footing.

Many have been quick to point out that Paul's fall alone should be enough to be ruled as a knockdown, considering he was using the ropes to prevent hitting the floor.


But some fans went even further, and said Woodley's timidity in a crucial moment in the fight proves the game was 'rigged'.

It's worth mentioning however, that Woodley is often criticised as a fighter who won't always go in for the kill when an opponent is stunned.


Still, as it stands, Paul remains undefeated, after he previously dispatched with AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson and another ex-UFC star, Ben Askren.

After the fight, a visibly frustrated Tyron Woodley remarked: "I feel like I won the fight. F*** the Tommy Fury fight, me and Jake need to run that back. I want a rematch."


Jake Paul responded by telling Woodley that if he goes ahead with getting an 'I love Jake Paul' tattoo (as promised pre-match), he will agree to a rematch. Woodley promptly agreed and the pair shook hands.

It remains to be seen who Jake Paul will next set foot in the ring to face.