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23rd Dec 2016

Conor McGregor is the star of ‘UFC: A Year of Trash Talk’

The highlights of 2016.

Tony Cuddihy

He can clearly walk the walk, as simultaneous belts at lightweight and featherweight show, but Conor McGregor can talk the talk like nobody else in the business.

You can see that here – his fellow fighters all seem like naughty schoolchildren in comparison with the 28-year-old from Crumlin.

This compilation of the best trash talk from the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2016, sees a certain Dubliner wipe the floor with anyone who thinks they can get the better of the verbals.

Our favourite moment: McGregor’s withering assessment of Jeremy Stephens, when he turns around and just scoffs, “who the f**k is THAT guy?”

It’s not all McGregor, of course. We are also treated to blasts of trash-talk from the UK’s first ever UFC world champion Michael Bisping, and Mickey Gall’s famous call-out of Sage Northcutt after his UFC 203 submission of CM Punk.