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26th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Conor McGregor reacts angrily to journalist accusing him of racism

Tony Cuddihy

“You’re an idiot.”

It’s fair to say that Charlie Cotton is not Conor McGregor’s favourite reporter.

Cotton was trailing McGregor ahead of his UFC 196 clash with Nate Diaz and asked the Dubliner about a supposed “racially motivated” slur against his opponent.

The reporter followed up a question about his opponents ‘running scared’ by asking McGregor about his alleged use of the word ‘cholo,’ a Mexican slur.

And that’s when the Notorious got angry.

In the video, McGregor refers back to an incident when Cotton asked him if he would beat Jesus in the Octagon.

While the Irishman appeared to take his line of questioning in good humour at the time, it’s clearly something that didn’t sit well with him.