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18th Feb 2016

VIDEO: Conor McGregor all but confirms he’s moving up to welterweight

Heavyweight title fight by 2019?

Ben Kiely

Maybe there’s a reason why the UFC have yet to announce the next welterweight title fight.

A few names have been thrown about in the discussions over who should get the next shot at Robbie Lawler’s belt. Many believe the rematch against Carlos Condit is the match-up to make, as a lot of people thought the “Natural Born Killer” had done enough to win the first one.

Others feel Tyron Woodley should get what he’s been promised and some feel Demien Maia has done enough to get the next nod. However, judging by his comments in a recent interview with Severe MMA, the next welterweight contender may well be Conor McGregor.


When asked would he be willing to move up to 170 lb, McGregor did not hesitate to confirm it was something he’d be interested in. The Notorious believes fighters in the UFC progressively become more flat-footed the higher up in the divisions you go.

“Look at everyone down there – 180 – 200 lbs easily. Everyone I’m sparring is well over welterweight. I’ve got middleweights coming in fresh to try to wear me down. So why not go up? They get slower and they get even less free up there.”

“They’re stiffer. They’re even more stuck in the mud than the lightweight division. I’ll keep going, keep eating, keep training, I’ll keep going until all the fucking belts are wrapped up.”


McGregor then dropped a massive hint that he may be fighting for the welterweight belt after he takes on Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight strap at UFC 196. He claimed that this willingness to fight anyone and everyone is what true martial arts is all about, and that’s something that has gotten lost in the modern sport of MMA.

“How many times have you seen a champion instantly go up? How many years have you heard about superfights and nothing (happens)? How many times have you heard about a little sore toe? There’s pussies everywhere in this game.”

“I’m here to fight. I’m here to win every belt and then I’m gone. Then I’ll see the game later. I’ll set it ablaze and walk away.” 

At this rate there is a legitimate fear that Frankie Edgar will die of old age before he gets a chance to fight Conor McGregor.