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10th Dec 2015

VIDEO: Chael Sonnen predicts Jose Aldo will not make weight to avoid facing Conor McGregor

Bold claim

Patrick McCarry

Watch this space, and watch the scales.

Chael Sonnen was a passive viewer of the final UFC 194 press conference, in Las Vegas, last night. Nothing he saw changed his mind that both Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor expect to lose their featherweight unification bout this weekend.

Having previously predicted that Aldo would not make it to the United States, the former UFC middle and lightweight is not convinced there will be a fight on Saturday night.

“You’ve got Jose Aldo, who clearly doesn’t want to be here.

“Until I see him on the weighing scales… here, do you want some breaking news. I’m not positive Jose Aldo is going to make weight for this fight.

“If he could find a way out of this fight right now, he would take it. The problem is he’s here and he’s healthy.

“[It’s] his last chance to get out of this and still have his title… so until I see him on the scale, I’m not going to buy it.”

Sonnen feels the Brazilian is ‘clearly scared’ on The Notorious but was surprised by McGregor, he feels, laying the ground-work for a potential fall.

He backs up his Aldo claims with the fact that Aldo pulled out of UFC – his fifth instance during his time with the promotion – and the champion’s lack of interest in meeting media obligations.