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03rd May 2016

Vardy and co nutmeg clueless cameraman THREE times without him noticing

Nooruddean Choudry

It’s got to the stage that they can’t help taking the p*ss.

It was back to the training ground for the still jubilant Leicester City playing staff on Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t any old day at their Belvoir Drive facilities.

The newly crowned Premier League champions (it still seems weird to say it) were accompanied by a throng of cameras waiting for the traditional celebratory snaps.

Leicester City Celebrate Their Premier League Title : News Photo

It was a weird situation. No fans, no game, but the players had to jump around for the benefit of the amassed lenses holding a ‘Champions 2015/16’ flag. We’re sure they didn’t mind.

But by way of entertaining themselves, Marcin Wasilewski and Jamie Vardy decided to have a bit of fun. They spotted an empty bottle near a cameraman’s feet and couldn’t resist.

With impressive accuracy and stealth, they managed to nutmeg the oblivious snapper three times without him noticing. Or perhaps he did but just lost his bottle…