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12th Aug 2015

“Van Gaal didn’t like me” – Rafael opens up about his former manager

Kevin Beirne

Manchester United fans are already unhappy about Rafael’s departure to Lyon, but this might cause even more grievance.

The Brazilian moved to Ligue 1 after losing his position to Antonio Valencia, penning a heart-felt open letter to fans.

While he only played 11 games last season, Rafael was a fan favourite thanks to his love of the club and success he enjoyed during his spell at Old Trafford.

But in an interview with Globo Esporte, the Lyon defender had some interesting things to say about current United boss Louis van Gaal.

In particular, Rafael commented on the rumours that Van Gaal has a particular dislike for Brazilian players.

“I don’t know, sincerely. I don’t know what to say about that, because I was the only one, since Anderson left before,” he said. “I know this history that he doesn’t like Brazilians, but I can’t say: ‘Oh, he doesn’t like Brazilians’.

“I know that he didn’t like me, but if that’s because I’m Brazilian, I don’t know.”

Van Gaal has been under a lot of criticism recently, but this is the most damning yet.