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26th May 2019

Valencia team bus almost leaves without manager after Copa del Rey win over Barcelona

Valencia's team bus almost departed the Benito Villamarin stadium in Seville on Saturday night after their cup win over Barcelona

Reuben Pinder

Valencia have won their first trophy in 11 years

When I used to go on family holidays as a child, we used to do ‘idiot checks’ before we set off and before we came home to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything important. Passports? Cheque. Boarding passes? Cheque. Every person embarking on this journey? Cheque. That last one was never really necessary, there were only four of us and we don’t live in Home Alone.

I mention this because Valencia CF almost left Seville without their manager after beating Barcelona 2-1 in the Copa del Rey final on Saturday night to clinch their first trophy since 2008.

Bags? Cheque. Trophy? Cheque. Vamos! No, wait, hold on, Marcelino’s still in the shower. That’s literally what happened.

In the above video, the reporter explains that the players were leaving the mixed zone to his left, before exiting through the gate to his right. Someone closed the gate and the bus pulled away before turning back once it became clear that the genius behind their cup victory had been left behind.

As it turned out, he was still showering in the changing room after he was presumably drenched in champagne during the celebrations.

In fairness, when you’re on cloud nine like that, little things can slip your mind.