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20th Jun 2017

Two unofficial Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather posters that are absolute perfection

So simple, yet it sums up the fight perfectly

Ben Kiely

The official poster for Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather is fine.

Ok, maybe it’s a little finer than fine. It does the job it’s set out to do by catching your attention on first glance.

The splash of colour, which is obviously meant to symbolise the blood that will be spilt inside the ring on August 26, is a nice touch. As are the comic book-style representations of the two prizefighters.

However, aside from some faded images of the two warriors donning shades in the background, the poster doesn’t do much in terms of illustrating either of the larger-than-life personas.

If you want the type of poster that doesn’t just look nice but also illustrates a deeper storyline of the fight, then look no further than BossLogic.

BossLogic is known in MMA circles for producing incredible alternative posters for upcoming UFC events, and their two, count ’em, two creations for this boxing spectacle are genuine pieces of art.

The Louis Vuiton glove with the $100 bill taped to the knuckles, the gold Rolex watch, the Dom Perignon branded shorts and the gold chain with the shamrock pendant perfectly illustrates the type of moolah McGregor’s going to bank from this diamond-encrusted panty night.

It hits home even more following the revelation that Team McGregor has yet to negotiate the apparel deal for the huge spectacle.

If that didn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps the next one will.

So simple, yet it sums up the fight perfectly.