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16th May 2016

UFC star Claudia Gadelha’s post-fight relaxation method made Jose Aldo giggle like a schoolgirl

Aldo loved it

Ben Kiely

Anyone who’s ever had to endure one, knows that UFC fan Q&As are the worst.

In theory, they’re a fantastic idea. It gives fans access to some of their favourite stars and allows them to ask the questions they want to know the answers to.

In theory.

Unfortunately, these events tend to descend into fans asking the same questions, or just pestering the fighters for photos and signatures. So, whenever a fighter seizes an opportunity to have a bit of fun with their answer to a banal question a la Chael Sonnen or Conor McGregor, it really is a breath of fresh air.

That’s exactly what UFC strawweight contender Claudia Gadelha managed to do at the fan Q&A at the UFC 198 weigh-ins.

Gadelha, along with her compatriots Amanda Nunes and Jose Aldo were asked by one fan what their preferred method of relaxation was after fighting. Without skipping a beat, Gadelha declared, “to relax after the fight I like to make love,” causing the crowd to spring into life with cheers and whistles, while Aldo and Nunes were unable to contain their laughter.

Good on her for being so honest.