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08th Feb 2016

UFC lightweight reveals intense struggle to cut 18lbs in just 24 hours

He's not taking it lightly

Gareth Makim

MMA fighter Josh Burkman has been speaking about the severe weight cut he endured in the run-up to his lightweight fight at UFC Vegas last weekend.

The long-time welterweight dropped a division in a bid to end a three-fight losing streak, and although he defeated KJ Noons, who knows what toll the build-up to the fight took on his body.

Burkman revealed that he lost a ridiculous 18lbs in the 24 hours leading up to his weigh-in in a bid to make the 155lb limit, before piling 25lbs back on in time for the fight.

The American,who admitted there were times when he wasn’t sure if his body could cope with the weight reduction, is the latest story of extreme weight fluctuations to emerge from the promotion in recent times, and while he suffered a torrid time he plans to continue in the lower class for now.

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Speaking to, Burkman said: “The weight cut was really tough on me. It didn’t come off like I thought it would early enough. I got to Vegas at 175 pounds, and that didn’t move until the day before I had to weigh in.

“So I basically had to lose 18 pounds in 24 hours from Thursday night to Friday afternoon. I was cutting weight all the way until I had to weigh-in.

“Once it was over and I started to hydrate and feel better, I knew I was all right. It was an intense weight cut, and it’s something I can get better at. I expect to have better performances as I figure it out. Three weeks ago I was 190 pounds, so that’s a hell of a weight cut.

“I put on over 25 pounds [after the weigh-in]. I went all the way up to 180, so I think taking that kind of weight off and putting it back on, that’s 50 pounds of changes within a 24-hour period. I think I can do a little bit better figuring that out.”