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30th Jun 2017

You have to feel for UFC fighters who are all getting asked the same question

No. Way. Out.

Patrick McCarry

What do you do in a situation like this?

The biggest BOXING fight of the year/decade is coming up on August 26 but it just so happens to involve the UFC lightweight champion.

Floyd Mayweather Jr will put his unbeaten 49-0 record on the line, in Las Vegas, and seek to rack up the half century against Conor McGregor.

The pay-per-view event is so big and will dominate so many sports discussions in the coming weeks that even the UFC saw sense, pulling their original date for UFC 215 [in August] and bumping it back to September.

There’s only one show in town.

Still, the UFC goes on. McGregor may well be back in December, to defend his 155lbs strap, but there are plenty of PPV and Fight Night events coming up before then.

The only problem is, each and every fighter is being asked for their opinion on how McGregor will fare on his pro boxing debut. While the likes of Tyron Woodley and former UFC lightweight Kenny Florian have spoken well on the subject, not everyone appreciates the question.

Take Travis Browne and Michael Johnson as two examples.

“I’m not paying attention to that,” declared Browne, “because I’m going to try and get that f**king ‘W’. Like I said, I haven’t had a win since early 2016 so I don’t give a shit if Conor’s boxing… I don’t give A SHIT. I’m out here to get that ‘W’.”

Emphatically said from Browne.

Johnson was just as focused on his upcoming bout against Justin Gaethje. He told Fight Hub TV:

“My honest opinion is, I don’t give a f**k about the Floyd and Conor fight. I don’t care.

“It’s great for the UFC and MMA. Boxing? I don’t know… “

Pressed on the matter, Johnson did say that McGregor would still be able to test Mayweather in his prime and he believes ‘Money’ won’t have it easy.

No matter what the fighters say, the questions will keep coming.