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22nd Aug 2018

UFC fighter suffers gruesome testicle injury

Nope. Nope! NOPE!

Darragh Murphy

This story is not for the faint of heart.

All men know that even a grazing shot to the testicles can force you to double over in pain so we can only imagine the kind of agony that Bryce Mitchell went through this week.

Mitchell, an undefeated UFC featherweight, has detailed an incident so gruesome that you likely wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.

It involves a drill, a torn scrotum and a few weeks away from the gym.

On Monday, Mitchell took to Twitter to reveal that he would be out of action for a while after an unfortunate accident.

The 23-year-old, who recently made his official UFC debut by defeating Tyler Diamond via majority decision, followed up the above account with a photograph of his blood-stained boxer shorts.

Mitchell was a member of Daniel Cormier’s team during the recent The Ultimate Fighter 27 tournament and was eliminated in the semi-final by Brad Katona, who went on to win the competition.

The Arkansas fighter was not training for a fight when the accident took place so, thankfully, he has plenty of time to heal up.

And it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Mitchell, who was most upset about ruining his “good pair of boxers”, because a US underwear company vowed to sort him out with a couple of pairs.