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23rd Jun 2017

UFC strawweight shows off incredible abs after 11-week transformation

"Shredded" doesn't do it justice

Ben Kiely

Felice Herrig is in fighting shape for her strawweight duel this weekend.

A UFC fighter that’s in shape? Stop the presses!

Now that Roy Nelson has waddled his way over to Bellator, pretty much every fighter on the roster has the physique of a professional athlete, but between camps, some of their physiques can change.

Not everyone lives by ‘the stay ready so you don’t have to get ready’ mantra like undefeated prize pugilist Floyd Mayweather. Some of them have been known to actually live a little on their off-time.

In fairness to Herrig, she’s rarely not absolutely ripped.

The WMMA veteran, who you may recognise from season 20 of the Ultimate Fighter, stays leaner than lean all year round.

Herrig is coming off arguably her most impressive UFC scalp, handing the Mexican rising star Alexa Grasso her first ever professional loss at UFC Fight Night Houston in February.

If she did it once, the UFC must think she can do it again as she’s matched up against undefeated Justine Kish for her next fight on the UFC Oklahoma card this weekend.

During fight week, she shared a side-by-side before and after photo showing how her body transformed from the start of the fight camp until the end.