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20th May 2017

UFC champions reacted very differently to looming male playsuit threat

Could you imagine Nate Diaz wearing one of these?

Ben Kiely

It’s 2017 and the introduction of ‘RompHims’ just serve as proof that god either doesn’t exist or humans are his/her/its biggest mistake.

For those of you who don’t know what the fuck we’re on about, the ‘RompHim’ is the male version of a romper, which is more commonly referred to as a playsuit in this part of the world… or so we’re told.

Still haven’t a clue? Right, they’re essentially like a baby grow for adults that people wear in the summer. It’s like wearing a short-sleeved shirt and shorts, except they’re both the same colour, made of the same material and you can’t use the toilet unless you take everything off.

Massively impractical, absolutely ghastly, but the good folk at Reebok decided to get in on the act and announce the launch of their own training version of the hideous excuse for a clothing item.


It gets worse.

These badboys set to be released in mid-June will retail for a whopping $89. If that low-low price doesn’t convince you to part with your cash, the following product description from the official website… well, it probably won’t either.

“Built for bros, the ReeRomp will keep you cool in more ways than one. Made with ACTIVCHILL technology and a reflective zipper, this romper combines the benefits of an active life and effortless style. Embrace the season’s coolest new trend, perfectly paired with Classic Leathers.”

Since Reebok are the official outfitting partner of the UFC, meaning all their fighters must don their apparel whether they want to or not, there is a slight concern that this Reeromp thing might infiltrate the UFC.

Not that undisputed heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic cares. He’s all for it.

The baddest dude on the planet isn’t wrong. He does not give a fuck about sacrificing his dignity for the sake of comedy.

Have a look at the get-up he donned on the 4th of July last year.

As for UFC middleweight king Michael Bisping, he wouldn’t be caught dead defending his belt wearing that garment.

Although considering his stubbornness in pursuit of that massively lucrative GSP superfight that won’t be happening until the end of the year, some might argue he wouldn’t be caught dead defending his belt regardless.

Not us though, we love ‘The Count’.