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02nd Jun 2018

Controversy as UFC fighter Andrea Lee’s husband found to have swastika tattoo

She deleted a tweet and cropped the tattoo out of the post

Ben Kiely

UFC flyweight Andrea Lee has been facing the music over her husband’s tattoos.

Former LFA women’s flyweight champion Andrea Lee garnered a lot of attention from the MMA community with her social media posts on Saturday.

Lee posted a series of photos of a family trip to a lake which caused a stir. Eagle-eyed followers spotted some controversial body art belonging to her husband and coach, Donny Aaron. A swastika tattoo could be seen on Aaron’s forearm in one of the photos.

Zoomed in, the ancient symbol which was adopted by the German Nazi party could clearly be seen on his forearm.

Andrea Lee

This discovery caused the community to go digging. Another one of Aaron’s tattoos raised a few eyebrows.

Zoomed in, it appears as though he has the SS bolts, a common white supremacist symbol derived from Schutzstaffel in Nazi Germany, tattooed on his other arm.

Andrea Lee

Once the photos started doing the rounds, Lee’s interactions on Twitter built up.

She deleted an initial reply explaining that Aaron got the tattoo in prison, in which she referred to ‘sensitive ass mofos’. She added that he covers the tattoos up ‘all the time.’

An old reply on Instagram from Aaron surfaced in which he admitted having ‘many’ tattoos that are ‘racist in nature.’ He added that his tattoos have ‘nothing to do with the person who lives in this body today.’

Andrea Lee

Lee re-uploaded the photo to her social media accounts later with the swastika tattoo cropped out.


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