Tyson Fury got banned from Wikipedia for editing rival's page 1 year ago

Tyson Fury got banned from Wikipedia for editing rival's page

There really is only one Tyson Fury

There are several good reasons why Fury is one of the most popular fighters walking the planet and while his skill in the ring is a large part of it, Fury is known just as much for his prowess at psychological warfare as he is for his boxing technique.

Fury talks trash like few others and he makes a point of getting into his opponents' heads before fight night in order to give himself as much of an advantage as possible.

'The Gypsy King' is back in the headlines ahead of his first shot at a world title since his return to the ring and WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder can expect plenty of trash talk in the final weeks leading up to fight night.

Speaking to BT Sport in the build-up to the bout, Fury confirmed the rumour that he was once kicked off Wikipedia for repeatedly editing Wladimir Klitschko's page prior to their clash in 2015.

"Yes it is true, until I got banned from Wikipedia," Fury said.

"I did it because it is a public site and I just wanted to prove that anyone can write whatever they want on Wikipedia because it's public. If you want to go on and edit my profile, you can."

Fury's Wikipedia-editing antics are behind him now but he still has to update his own page every now and then.

The 30-year-old explained how somebody keeps insisting Fury is retired on his Wikipedia profile and he is forced to clarify that he is very much an active heavyweight.

"I have not edited anything on mine but because I am the lineal champion, someone keeps going on and putting that I am retired. I am clearly not retired," Fury continued.

"So I keep changing it back to active but every time I change it to active, someone changes it back to retired. Someone obviously wants me retired."

After it was jokingly suggested that perhaps Wilder was to blame for Fury's Wikipedia woes, the undefeated Brit claimed that it was "maybe coming from London," alluding to Anthony Joshua.