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Tyson Fury tries to prove fitness with fence jump but it goes horribly wrong
FFS Tyson/Gorga...

Oh Tyson.

Or should that be Gorga. You may or may not be aware that Tyson Fury announced to the world that he had renounced his gypsy culture and changed his name to Gorga Tys over the weekend.

Whether this is a genuine lifestyle change for 2017, or merely another publicity stunt (he has previously claimed to have converted to Islam) is anyone's guess, but he's certainly nursing a bruise right now.

The retired heavyweight boxer was filmed trying to prove his fitness in the countryside this week and, well, things didn't go quite as planned. He was attempting to vault a wooden fence via a run-up when it all went awfully wrong.

All seemed to be going well for the approach, but there was an unfortunately placed clump of sodden turf - or possibly a cow pat - just at the point of lift-off, and the controversial athlete went arse over tit into the mud.

As graceful as ever, Tyson/Gorga...


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