Tyson Fury offers to pay Man United a visit at training after Derby defeat 9 months ago

Tyson Fury offers to pay Man United a visit at training after Derby defeat

The boxer accused the team of lacking a winning mentality

Boxer Tyson Fury has claimed that Manchester United's loss to rivals Manchester City at Saturday's Manchester Derby (November 6) was worse than the beating fellow fighter Deontay Wilder suffered against him.


United lost 2-0 at yesterday's Manchester Derby and The Gypsy King fighter had some stern words for the team, even suggesting that he'll head down to their ground for a quick word with players.

Speaking on Instagram last night, Fury started by saying: "After today's defeat from City with Manchester United, it's fair to say that United are taking a worse beating than Deontay Wilder took in all of his fights versus me.

"We're absolutely getting smashed out there."


Fury went on to share some thoughts as to why United may be struggling, adding: "The players - no disrespect to any of you - but it doesn't seem like you're digging deep to try and win these games."

The team in question has been accused of lacking constancy this season, having already lost four matches in the league so far.

"It just seems to me, you're happy to get through them and whatever happens, happens," he added.


The 33-year-old fighter then went on to compare the team's battles with his own, recalling his fights with Wilder and the importance of a "winner's mentality".

Before wrapping up his little video pep-talk, Fury suggested that he and United defender Patrice Evra will be heading down to United's training ground to help whip them into shape.

"I think me and Patrice Evra are gonna come down to the training and give you some of that - give you the hard word - what you need" [Sic] he said.


"See you all soon, be prepared."

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