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05th Jun 2019

Tyson Fury mocks ‘disgrace’ Anthony Joshua after Ruiz defeat, says he’ll ‘never live it down’

Wayne Farry

tyson fury

Unusually provocative comments from Fury

Tyson Fury is not one to mince his words. He thinks something and almost immediately says it without fear of consequence.

After Anthony Joshua’s shock knockout to American Andy Ruiz Jr. at the weekend, his immediate response was one of compassion, which was rather surprising.

“We have our back and Forth’s but Anthony Joshua changed his stars through life. Heavyweight boxing, these things happen, rest up, recover, regroup and come again,” he said.

Maybe Fury had changed. Maybe he had turned a new life and was preparing to embark on a life of, well, being nice.

Thankfully, in a recent interview with ESPN Radio, Fury returned to form, and decided to mock Joshua instead of being nice.

“He’s done very well in his life and career,” he said of his compatriot. “He’s definitely done well but everybody bumps into that one person who can knock them out any time and unfortunately for AJ it was a little fat fella from California who chinned him. And he’ll never live it down.

“Can you imagine? You’re built like an Adonis, you’re six foot six [inches], you’re ripped, carved in stone, and a little fat guy who has eaten every Snickers and Mars bar in the whole of California comes in there and bladders you all over? What a disgrace.

“If that was me, I’d never show my face in public ever again.”