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26th Jun 2017

Tyson Fury makes boldly predicts the improbable for Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather

Some might say, the impossible

Ben Kiely

Tyson Fury’s prediction for Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather is worth listening to.

A million different people are going to give you a million different reasons why Conor McGregor can’t win, so let Tyson Fury provide another take.

Maybe that leaked sparring footage was all a rouse designed to lull Mayweather into a false sense of security.

Maybe that one MMA technique he can use will provide an unexpected coup de grace that shocks the world.

Maybe all the hours spent playing touch-butt with Ido Portal will adequately prepare him for the toughest task of his career.

Almost definitely not, but maybe.

Tyson Fury certainly believes McGregor can achieve the impossible and be the reason for the first entry in Mayweather’s loss column. The former heavyweight champion of the world thinks ‘the Notorious’ he will ‘do’ Mayweather inside one round, as he told IFL TV.

“I think he will knock him out inside the first 35 seconds like he did to Jose Aldo, to be honest.”

Most boxing personalities are writing this bout off as a circus sideshow that symbolises everything that is wrong with their beloved sport. Not Fury though. He’s caught up in the romance of the storyline.

Not only is he pulling for the Dubliner to win, but he believes that unlikely result will actually benefit boxing.

“It would be good for boxing if McGregor chinned him. It would be great for the real people of the world.”

We’re not exactly sure that McGregor rendering arguably the greatest defensive boxer ever unconscious would reflect well on the sport. There’s also the distinct possibility that him being successful would result in other UFC fighters trying to follow him down a legitimately dangerous path.

We’ll let the real people of the world decide what outcome would best suit them.

Whoever they may be.