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28th Apr 2017

#AskWarren inspires some perfectly understandable questions about the Lions

You can't please everybody

Patrick McCarry

The #AllForOne hashtag is clearly not working…

Former British & Irish Lions captains Brian O’Driscoll and Gavin Hastings have called on players and fans to put their nationalities to one side and get behind Warren Gatland’s men.

Noble sentiments from an Irishman and a Scot but some resentment remains after Gatland’s April 19 naming of a 41-man squad.

Fans from all four nations have a few questions to ask of the Lions coach but Scottish supporters seem particularly aggrieved with the squad selection.

Gatland recently took part in a Twitter Q&A with Lions sponsors Standard Life and fans were encouraged to send questions along with the #AskWarren hashtag.

Two questions kept cropping up, and cropping up again. We wonder what Gatland will make of it all…

Why so many Welsh?

Where are the ****ing Scots?!

Of course, it’s not all bad vibes.

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