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22nd Nov 2016

Two Manchester United fans slept in Old Trafford toilets to sneak into the Arsenal game

So close but yet so far

Darragh Murphy

Almost 100 per cent of fans taking stadium tours think ‘if I just managed to break away from the group and hide in the bathrooms overnight then I could probably watch the game tomorrow.’

But most of the time the tour guide snaps them back to reality with an interesting titbit on the trophy cabinet.

However two Manchester United fans almost made the daydream a reality as they pulled off the first half of the feat last weekend, coming close to securing a spot in the stands to see their beloved Red Devils take on fierce rivals Arsenal.

BBC report that the pair of plucky supporters managed to slip away from a stadium tour on Friday and camp out in the restrooms in the Theatre of Dreams.

Manchester United v Arsenal - Premier League

The hard part was done. Or so they thought.

As they awoke and delightedly rubbed their hands, having got one over on the system, they were discovered by security officials who were in the midst of a pre-match sweep of the stadium.

Police decided not to arrest the duo, who spent the night in the bog for absolutely no reward, and United announced that there was no risk to supporters in attendance for the 1-1 draw with the Gunners.

The incident took place almost six months to the day that United’s Premier League clash with Bournemouth was postponed when a controlled explosion took place following the discovery of a suspect package.

The package in question turned out to be no more than a fake prop-bomb that had been planted during a security training exercise.

At least no evacuation was required on Saturday.

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