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19th Dec 2016

Twitter wakes up from Merseyside Derby in time to react to late winner

Not a classic.

Tom Victor

We have been treated to plenty of entertaining, end-to-end Merseyside derbies in recent seasons. This was not one of them.

For about 90 minutes, the highlight of Everton’s meeting with Liverpool at Goodison Park was Fatman Scoop showing up in the crowd.

Even when the board for added time showed eight minutes, few thought it would be the precursor to anything even approaching a goal, but Sadio Mané struck as the clock ticked towards minute 94 after Daniel Sturridge’s low shot came back off the post.

Sometimes there’s only one way to respond to such drama at the end of a positively undramatic game.

It was the winning goal that the game deserved.

There was an air of inevitability for those pessimists who support other title challengers.

It spawned some new chants.

Not sure we see this one catching on, mind you.

It wasn’t the most entertaining way to prepare for a full week without any Premier League action, but some people always suspected it would turn out this way.

Maybe it was the fault of the ‘Mersey Monday’ branding.

Still, Liverpool fans won’t be complaining too much. They’re back up to second in the Premier League table, while Everton are ninth and could drop into the bottom half if results go against them on Boxing Day.

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