Trent Alexander-Arnold picks his ultimate 5-a-side team based solely on passing 1 year ago

Trent Alexander-Arnold picks his ultimate 5-a-side team based solely on passing

Trent's always had an eye for a pass

Trent Alexander-Arnold might have been ruled out of Euro 2020, but you can rest assured he will come back stronger, and with an even better eye for a pass.


Over the past few months, the Liverpool star has been working with Red Bull, enlisting the support of Dr Laby, Head of Sports and Performance vision at SportsVisionNY, using state of the art technology to improve his vision.

"Marginal gains are huge in any sport," Trent said, "and when you're competing against the world's best players, even a one per cent advantage can make a huge difference."

The work they have undergone together has seen him develop sharper vision as well as improved reaction and processing times. Is it any surprise we saw his form take an upward turn towards the backend fo the 20/21 season?


For more detail on the project, watch the trailer below, and head to for the entire film.

To mark the launch of 'Trent's Vision', the 22-year-old spoke to Red Bull about his footballing influences and which players he ranks among the best passers of all time.

When asked who his favourite passers in world football are right now, it won't surprise you to hear that he said: "I look up to Messi and De Bruyne in terms of passing in football."


Speaking about his club and international teammates, he said: "I admire Thiago's vision. In the England team, a great passer would be Phil Foden. Harry Kane is a very good passer of the ball."

But when challenged with the daunting task of picking an all time five-a-side team based solely on passing vision, Trent admitted: "That's tough... Me, especially after this project! Then I'd say Gerrard, Alonso, Messi, De Bruyne. Actually, it's between De Bruyne and Beckham. I need a six-man team!"

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