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28th Apr 2017

Top contender speaks the absolute truth regarding Conor McGregor’s immediate UFC future

Eh... good luck getting that Nate Diaz fight now

Ben Kiely

Let us start off by telling you a few things you already know.

Conor McGregor is awaiting the birth of his first child, then Dana White plans on sitting down with him to discuss his proposed megafight against Floyd Mayweather. That’s the biggest possible payday available to him right now, and a man who used to toast good business with the Fertitta brothers over top shelf whiskey isn’t going to let this opportunity slip through his fingers.

He knows good business when he sees it.

Until that fight actually gets booked (and even after), the top lightweight contenders are going to complain about their division being taken hostage due to the lack of title fights. However, recent history has proven that there will likely be an interim championship.

As for Nate Diaz, the only man to defeat Conor McGregor under the UFC banner, he has no reason to fight anyone else. His score with the Notorious is level at one apiece and no other marquee fight will earn him that sweet, sweet Red Panty Night moolah. He’ll probably bide his time until McGregor’s ready to complete the trilogy.

Elite 155 lb contender Tony Ferguson has been left in a very weird place for a few reasons. The fight that made the most sense for him was the interim bout against undefeated Khabib Nurmagomedov. It was stylistically the most intriguing fight the UFC could put on, but at the third time of asking it was scrapped due to a botched weight cut from the Sambo specialist.

‘El Cucuy’ is understandably reluctant to book another duel with Nurmagomedov unless there is a back-up plan in place or he receives more monetary compensation should the shit hit the proverbial. He knows what the biggest money fight in the division is now that McGregor is pursuing other goals, and recently he has been gunning for a fight with Nate Diaz, as he fleshed out to ESPN.

“He’s (all over) McGregor. He’s like a bad ex-girlfriend.”

Ferguson believes Diaz sitting on the sidelines waiting for that fight offer from McGregor could prove to be a career-ender. Just as Gunnar Nelson suggested, that Mayweather spectacle could be the last time the world sees Conor McGregor the fighter.

“You can wait for McNuggets, but we all know if you wait for that fool and he fights Mayweather and never fights again, you might never get a chance at another big-money fight besides (me). I’m giving you a shot. If you don’t want it, perfect. If you like it, sign on the dotted line and let’s move on.”

Remarkably, Ferguson may have then talked himself out of that scrap against the Stockton native by just telling the truth regarding his own situation. He’s one of the most gifted and dangerous fighters on the UFC’s roster, but he pretty much admitted that he’s nowhere near as much of a draw as Diaz or McGregor.

“I’m bad for business. I’m not good for Conor’s business, and he knows it. I think it’s funny you’ve never heard him mention my name one time. That’s good advice from his management not to. I’d avoid me, too.”

If you would avoid you, how on Earth do you expect a superstar like Diaz to accept your fight offer?

Will we go for take four on the Nurmagomedov fight so?