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21st Dec 2016

Old Firm derby wins over most unlikely fan and supporters want to claim him as their own

Who knew Tom Brady loved a bit of Scottish football?

Darragh Murphy

He wisely didn’t pick a dog in the fight but Tom Brady has declared himself a fan of the Old Firm derby.

The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers is the stuff of legend and is one of the fiercest in all of sport but we wouldn’t have expected it to have stretched as far as the American shores.

But we can expect far more Americans to tune into the next hotly contested Old Firm fixture – which takes place on New Year’s Eve – due to the fact that one of the most famous athletes in the U.S.A. has given it his typically expensive endorsement.


In a bid to promote the season finale of Religion of Sports, the show for which he acts as executive producer, Brady posted a message to Facebook with which he used to hype up the fiery derby game.

The New England Patriots quarterback has almost 4 million Facebook likes so it won’t have done any harm whatsoever to the next clash’s viewing figures.

At the time of writing, almost 500 comments were left under the post with fans of both clubs trying to win over the four-time Super Bowl winner.

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