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17th Jan 2017

This wildly biased Italian TV pundit’s bonkers goal celebration is TV gold

Yep, Tiziano Crudeli is back

Rob Burnett

If you have never heard of Tiziano Crudeli, then where the hell have you been?

The Italian is a football journalist and pundit for Italian TV, by which we mean he’s a professional AC Milan fan.

If you thought having Gary Neville doing commentary on Manchester United games is too much, then you won’t approve of olf Tiziano, who makes no effort whatsoever to hide his love for Milan.

And when they score, well, see for yourself with this clip from Monday night’s match against Torino:

And that was for an equaliser.

If you’ve never seem him before, here are a few other highlights from his TV career…


And finally

And you thought Paul Merson was bad…