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26th Aug 2016

This West Ham fan’s Mark Noble tattoo is something else

We don't want to pass judgement. So we won't.

Tom Victor

Football fans have a rich history of tattoos which we’re loath to call ‘bad’, but which it’s safe to say we wouldn’t think of getting ourselves.

From the Liverpool fan who chose to commemorate former backup goalkeeper Tony Warner to the Spurs fan who followed through on a promise to get ‘chat shit, get banged’ tattooed on his arse after underestimating Leicester, it’s a rich tapestry.

West Ham fans are usually good value for a high-profile tattoo, and so it has proved this season.

Last year we saw one fan get the match scoreline tattooed on his body after the surprise opening day victory at Arsenal, but this year’s early-season effort stands out even more.

Club captain Mark Noble shared a fan’s ink on Twitter after Sunday’s victory over Bournemouth, and it can only be described as a fuck-off massive depiction of his face. Like, almost actual size.

Noble seemed delighted by what he saw, but at least one person saw more of a resemblance to a different footballer.

And it’s one who West Ham fans aren’t quite so fond of.

In much the same way as those shopping centre caricaturists exaggerate certain features and downplay others, Noble can be pleased or disappointed with the depiction, depending on who you ask.

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