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28th Oct 2015

This UK magazine wrote a really weird, pervy article about David Beckham’s 16-year-old son

This is not alright

Carl Kinsella

Glossy magazine Tatler has come under criticism in the last for writing what can only be described as a downright creepy article about David Beckham’s son Brooklyn.

Brooklyn, who has just turned 16, is something of a junior celeb himself, having amassed almost five million followers on Instagram… but there is no excuse for this weirdness.

Writing a feature on the young man, Tatler took an approach towards the child that is spine-chillingly unpleasant.

“He’s 16. So he’s suddenly legal. Which means there are options that three months ago there would not have been. So that’s diverting. Hot. Ready. Legal.”

David Beckham was mad when a newspaper questioned his parenting earlier on in the year, so we can only imagine how freaked out he is by this.


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