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01st Sep 2016

This guy who predicted how deadline day would unfold is seriously ITK

Or is he?

Rob Burnett

Transfer deadline day is over.

The faxes can be put away, the garish yellow tone dropped from the Sky Sports News studio and Jim White can be packed away in an old shoe box with some torn up newspaper in the airing cupboard.

Yes the madness is over at last and wasn’t it entertaining?

You had David Luiz coming back to Chelsea two years after they managed to persuade PSG to shell out £50m (!) for him.

You had Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere joining Bournemouth on loan.

And you had Moussa Sissoko signing for Tottenham for a staggering £30m.

Who saw that coming? Well, this guy did. A week ago.

Yep, @rosstyson can either see in to the future, has a direct line into Daniel Levy’s brain, or just tweeted something funny that happened to come true.

Which, when you think about all the possible events that are tweeted about, makes this not that odd really.

Still, one person was impressed. This is the only reply the tweet has got:

But Ross wasn’t the only one with the old crystal balls out – this guy predicted Jack Wilshere’s loan move to Bournemouth – a whole YEAR ago.

So he must be like, Uri Geller or something.

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