This Spurs fan's Harry Kane rap is the cringiest football song you'll ever hear 6 years ago

This Spurs fan's Harry Kane rap is the cringiest football song you'll ever hear

Another season, another St Totteringham's Day

Spurs needed only a point from their final game  of the season to finally break the hoodoo and finish above Arsenal.


But somehow on that Sunday, the Tottenham side was Spursiest bunch of Spurs to ever Spur and got wellied by Newcastle.


Arsenal fans cheered. Football fans laughed while Harry Kane said sorry. Wojciech Szczęsny reminded everyone he was playing in Rome and we tried to remind Arsenal fans that another St. Totteringham's Day changes nothing.

A couple of weeks on, we're still trying to get our heads around just how Tottenham ballsed it up. Was it the the West Brom draw and Pulis' dark magic that sucked away Spurs' mojo? Was it the demoralising 2-2 draw that gifted Leicester the title that rattled Tottenham? Could be be injuries and suspensions to Alli and Dembele left the Spurs side a little lightweight in midfield?

What could it be? What possibly happened to one of the best, most exciting Tottenham sides in years that made them slip up a huge point lead over Arsenal?

What could possibly have happened to Tottenham to make them lose their mojo?



That'll do it.

The above rap/grime creation is "You Just Got Kaned", made by diehard Spurs fan Rob aka MC Saundierez who's based in Birmingham.


Boasting a football chant style refrain around Spurs' goalscoring hero, Saundierez breaks off a couple of bars about how "Kane always seems to smash against Arsenal" and how he's "always always scoring when he's in his shoes".

He even has enough time to send for Wiley and Stormzy while he's at it.

It's a lot to take in. That Saundierez is flanked by six other men in the video makes us reluctant to say anymore as its clear the boy runs deep with his squad.

We've reached out to Rob for comment, but we understand the young MC is dedicated to the grime game right now and might not have time talking to suburban journalists like us. He's got rival MCs to Kane after all.

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