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15th Apr 2016

Slow-motion bike crashes are even more hardcore than you’d expect

That's got to hurt

Matt Tate

When one goes, they all go.

Call us evil, but there’s something strangely compelling about watching the slow-motion carnage of a mass bike race crash.

As participants in the Redlands Bicycle Classic criterium in America took the final corner of the race, the second place cyclist loses control and skids out. His fall triggers a chain reaction and before long there are people flying all over the place. It’s a ballet of destruction.

The video is slowed right down for your sadistic viewing pleasure, but the cyclists were actually riding at over 30MPH. Luckily, the caption on the video informs us that nobody was seriously injured in the crash – just lots of ripped skin. Ouch.

Props to the guy in first place, though, who is completely oblivious to all the mayhem going on behind him as he cruises to the finish. What a champion.