This Six Nations ad was pulled after backlash from England fans 4 years ago

This Six Nations ad was pulled after backlash from England fans

International sport often boils down to tribalism, with rivalries between neighbouring countries that go back decades, if not longer.

It can often lead to groups of supporters reverting to outdated stereotypes, or the use of dated references in the media under the guise of pre-match banter.


If you go to any pub during the Six Nations, you'll often see a friendly - or sometimes not so friendly - rivalry between the home nations, if not between all the countries competing.

With that in mind, one can't help but think the BBC Wales promo video for Saturday's match against England is relatively tame by comparison.

If anything, it demonstrates an approach often lacking from sports promos, which by and large err on the side of caution.


However, it has not gone down well with some England supporters, with the level of backlash to the video below convincing the broadcaster to pull the clip.

"No offence was intended," BBC Wales' Richard Thomas said.

"It was meant to be tongue in cheek but clearly didn't hit the right note."


But there were plenty of complaints, from English and Welsh fans.



Not everyone agreed, of course, with plenty seeing it as just a bit of harmless fun.