This might be the worst 30 seconds of football ever played 3 years ago

This might be the worst 30 seconds of football ever played

You cannot beat a bit of truly bad football

While we all love to sit down and watch football played at its most attractive, there is a simple, almost sick thrill one experiences when watching a bunch of honest, hardworking footballers make absolute fools of themselves due to their sheer inability to do anything right.


This universal feeling, experienced by each of us at some point in our lives, is the reason why we love to watch video clips of players kicking themselves in the face with the ball, or kick the ball into their own nets when it's easier to clear it out for a throw.

We're all just really into laughing, essentially, and this clip, from the Saudi Professional League, might just be the funniest football clip yet.

The first point which is incredibly amusing is that the league is called the Professional League. Now we're not ones to judge leagues without watching them, but if you have to include the word "professional" in your league's name, that doesn't necessarily bode well. Instead, it makes it sound as if you're trying to make sure no one mistakes it for an amateur league.


The second point which is incredibly amusing is the entirety of it. Because it is all just absolute, unadulterated gold.

The match in question was one between Al-Faisaly and Ohod Club, and it ended 2-0, but that doesn't matter. All that matters is that you take a seat (you really need to sit down) and watch as these men play football in a manner resembling what can best be described as 'what it would be like to play football in one of those dreams where you can't move your legs'.