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24th Oct 2019

This man is using football to promote positive mental health

Wayne Farry

Mental health conversations can be difficult to have

The conversation around mental health has increased in volume over the years. Where once many of us felt unable to open up about our experiences, people are being increasingly vocal in discussing the times when they have struggled.

Despite this, many people still find it difficult to speak openly about their mental health, which has led to a number of organisations and groups being founded in a bid to get people talking.

One such group is FC Not Alone, a team set up by a man named Ian McKenzie and his cousin Matt after Matt’s struggles with his mental health while living in Spain.

Through the medium of football, Ian and Matt hoped that they could help men start a conversation about and improve their mental health.

JOE spoke to Ian about the work FC Not Alone does, how it began and why it’s so important.

Check out the work that FC Not Alone carries out on their website.