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21st Jul 2016

This is the most embarrassing own goal we’ve ever seen

No words

Matt Tate

There’s nothing to say that Sammy Ndjock won’t retire from professional football with a cupboard full of winners medals to his name.

But Sammy Ndjock could win the Ballon d’Or and he’d still constantly be reminded of his absolutely ridiculous own goal in a 2016 pre-season friendly against Bournemouth.

The Cameroonian international goalkeeper’s Minnesota United were playing the Cherries in a preseason friendly, and Callum Wilson had already put the south-coast side 1-0 up before Ndjock’s quite poetic horror show unfolded.

It looked like the keeper was attempting to send his team on a quick counter-attacking breakaway, but he somehow completely misjudged the angles and sent the ball bouncing straight into his own net. Just watch this.

And again, just to make sure you’ve properly taken it in.

What makes this particular own goal so great is that the keeper realises what he’s done the second the ball leaves his fingertips, and he’s not a million miles away from rescuing it.

He didn’t though. He really, really didn’t.

In 20 years time, when A Question of Sport is definitely still on TV, probably with Robbie Savage as a team captain, you will see this own goal in their ‘what happens next?’ segment. When that happens, you’ll remember Sammy Ndjock and his magical own goal, and you’ll be thankful for it.

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