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27th Apr 2016

This guy watched ice hockey for the first time – and his tweets will make you want to watch it too

Ice cool

Kevin Beirne

If you’re not already watching ice hockey, you’re missing out.

That’s the lesson we took from the tweets of the sport’s most popular new fan –  @soloucity – who shared his thoughts on a recent NHL playoff game live.

‘Tony X’ claims to have never watched an ice hockey match before, but he was won over within the opening minute of action.

Before he quickly got confused in the sometimes bizarrely over-regulated world of North American sports.

But he was willing to learn so he could find a greater appreciation for one of the greatest film franchises of all time.

But it’s one tweet in particular that caught other fans’ attention.

And he really began to enjoy himself.

As his newly adopted team – the St Louis Blues – held a slender lead, Tony had some advice.

But their opponents, the Chicago Blackhawks, opted for the complete opposite – replacing their keeper with another attacker and leaving empty net.

And then it was all over as the Blues claimed a 3-2 victory.

And he wanted to get in on the action himself.

Tony’s new-found love of the game of ice hockey didn’t go unnoticed by his new team, who invited him along to their next play-off game.