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06th Feb 2017

This Arsenal ‘grime’ tune needs to be seen to be believed

Wow. "I can't even watch that porn - my mind just thinking, we ain't signed a striker all season..."

Nooruddean Choudry

Wow. Just…wow.

You know when you watch something and your first reaction is to laugh your arse off at how bad it is, and then you watch it again…and again…and you slowly come to the conclusion that it may just be genius? Well, that.

Everything is far from rosy at the Emirates at present. A season that finally looked like it might just be their year has descended into all too predictable capitulation within a matter of days. For Arsenal fans, it’s that same old story.

But as maddening as defeats to Watford and Chelsea may be, catharsis can be found in the shape of this quite remarkable grime composition by Uncle Ed, chronicling the woes of being a Gooner under Arsene Wenger.

Some will find it cringeworthy, some brilliant. We’d suggest that it’s worth repeated viewing to fully appreciate its wonder…