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20th Apr 2018

Thierry Henry ticks all the cliche boxes with tribute to Arsene Wenger


Ben Kiely

A lot of people out there will want to know what Thierry Henry has to say about Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal

We’re here to tell you that what Thierry Henry said about his former manager isn’t worth going out of your way to seek out. If you trust our warning, feel free to click out of this article and do something more worthwhile.

The options are endless. You could go outside, pick out a good patch of grass and watch it grow. If there’s fresh paint nearby, go watch it dry. Or if that sounds like too much excitement, you could always just sit with your palms on your lap staring into space and doing literally nothing.

All these things are more mentally stimulating than Henry’s offering on Wenger.

How… fascinating

If there was a book called ‘Paying Tribute to Arsene Wenger For Dummies,’ it would suggest mentioning the following:

  • The unexpected nature of the announcement
  • How bittersweet his departure is
  • The good ol’ times
  • The not so good current times
  • How he deserves a proper send-off
  • His legacy
  • Remember, there’s still a trophy up for grabs

Henry ticked all these cliche boxes with the tribute he gave to Sky Sports.

“I did not expect it, he will have his reasons, it is a weird one for me. His legacy is untouchable. Managers, fans from other teams – (they talk about) how Arsene changed Arsenal. I am happy that now we can all talk about his legacy.”

 “It is a sad day for me to see the big man leaving the club, and happy one in a way that people give him the exit he deserves.”

“Recently it has been hard for him and the club. Starting from Sunday, against West Ham, I hope people go to the game and not only see him in one of his last games at the Emirates and to support the team, but also to give him a good exit”

“Let’s not forget we still have to win the Europa league. It would be an amazing achievement.”

Thanks for nothing, you boring fuck!