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26th Jan 2017

There’s something disturbing about this photo of Barnsley’s Adam Davies

This really takes the biscuit.

Tom Victor

Barnsley can’t be accused of spending as much resource as possible to keep their players on board.

The Yorkshire club are currently eighth in the Championship, thanks in part to the performances of young goalkeeper Adam Davies.

The 24-year-old has kept 10 clean sheets in league and cup this season as the newly-promoted side have cemented their place in the second tier and flirted with the play-off places, and he has been rewarded with a new deal.

But there’s something a little off with the photo used by the club to announce the deal. Can you spot it?

No? Well, journalist Evan Bartlett figured it out, and shared his amazement with the general public.

Five biscuits, arranged on the corner of the table. Sans crockery. Won’t someone think of the hygiene? Not to mention the reckless ignorance of the serious problem of crumb clearup.

Well, we say ‘arranged’. There’s almost a flourish to it, but it’s spoiled by the one nearest to Davies, lying flat while the other four are stacked against each other.

How did this come about? Were the biccies originally laid out like dominoes, and toppled by the goalkeeper moments before the photo was taken?

Actually, we don’t want to rule out the possibility that ‘Reds director Barry Taylor’, if that is his real name, is the man responsible.

Still, if Barnsley used more of their income on plates rather than wages for their players, perhaps they wouldn’t be as high up in the league as they are. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

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