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28th Sep 2016

Theo Walcott scores two and Arsenal fans don’t know what to do

Wait, what?

Rob Burnett

Theo Walcott is surely the most frustrating player in the Premier League.

He’s got great pace, has been coached by one of the world’s greatest managers and plays alongside some of the best players in the game. Yet for 10 years now he has never quite become the player he should have.

Sometimes he’s out on the wing, sometimes he plays through the middle – but it never really seems to click on a long-term basis for him.

Until tonight.

He headed – yes, headed! – Arsenal in front against Basel early in the first half at the Emirates.

Then a few minutes later, he did this:

That makes it five goals in seven appearances for the England man – and Arsenal fans, faced with the prospect of him actually producing the goods on a football field in a competitive fixture, really aren’t quite sure how to handle it.

Some have gone down this route…

Sure you did, fella:

Uh huh:

But not everyone saw this coming:

Some are instant converts:

And some are just relieved:

Others aren’t quite convinced it’s really him:

While some are ‘doing a Donald Trump’ and removing certain tweets they sent about him:

And others? Well, they called it:

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